Protect Your Beauty Investments and Other Money Tips

Nothing’s so frustrating when it comes to beauty as watching a $75 spiral perm disappear in a month.

A dye job typically last six weeks but you can stretch yours to ten if you use color shampoo and color conditioner. If you have the money, get a gloss treatment. Generic hotel shampoos tend to be harsh on hair and can make color fade faster. (Source: Glamour Magazine). Don’t even think about washing your hair for at least 48 hours after you get it colored. Lay off the hot tools like curling irons and blowdryers.

You can get a great haircut anywhere by scoping out the place, bringing a few photos, and freeze-framing your look with a camera. Then you can find your soulmate stylist.

Teeth – You can have whiter teeth for longer after bleaching. A pro bleaching typically last four months but you can stretch yours for a year or more if you eat light for 24 hours after a pro whitening.

Houses – If you’re looking for a home, spot the most popular real estate agent lie, which is “You’d better put in an offer right away.”

“Brokers who put on pressure with this line sometimes aren’t reputable,” says real estate agent Ed Padula.

Study the condition of the neighborhood.

Computers – When it comes to buying computers, resist the temptation to be too thrifty if you can; it can cost you in the end.

Cars – With today’s unpredictable fuel prices, finding a car with good gas mileage is crucial. Gas costs 44 percent more than it did in 2000 and car repairs are a top reason for credit-card debt, according to Economist Brett Graff, Demos.

Some women aren’t just strapped. Part of being young is starting out at the bottom, which means a not-so-hot first apartment and ramen-noodle dinners.

Student loans – These days students get more loans and fewer grants than ever. Not so in 1984 when I started college. If you’re having trouble swinging your monthly student-loan paymnets, call your lender to talk it through.

Insurance – If you’re without benefits, join an organization like the Freelancers Union for insurance and other perks at less dough than you’d have to cough up for a solo policy. (Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine).

Side jobs – Create a microbusiness.

Fitness – Since working out has a good-for-us trademark, we often forget its price tag: Gym memberships average $55 a month, plus classes and clothes.